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Thread: Fair Value Check

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    Default Fair Value Check

    I have a MDL. 70 Winchester, classic stainless, 26" tube, 338 +- 5 years old. Maybe 1 or 2 boxes thru it, hunted with only once, no box.


    A Benelli 12 GA. 28" Tube, Camo, with chokes, Doesn't show a model name just Benelli Armi Urbino.

    Maybe be looking to sell in the near future to fund another project and to thin the heard.

    Honest values would be appreciated, thanks

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    If I want to find real value, I look it up on, or, and see what people are actually bidding on that model, keeping in mind shipping and FFL fees. You will find just about any firearm available for sale on those sites.

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    The 338 would be 650-800.

    Sorry for the large price range but they do go up and down like the stock market.

    It is nearly hunting season so I think the price should be at the higher end now.

    Just saw a mod 70 SS in 300 ultra go for $1100 on Aug 9. A couple months ago these were going for $750.

    Last November I bought a 300 ultra super grade for $1000 and 3 months later sold it for $1400 (they were selling for as high as $1800 in March).
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