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Thread: Flys for Silvers

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    Default Flys for Silvers

    This is my first silver run in Alaska anyone have suggestions to what flys to use?

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    Default pink, pink, and pink....

    Pink is the most common suggestion. Perhaps it will vary depending on where you are fishing (and the conditions). We floated the Goodnews last Aug/Sept and all the gaudy pink flies did very little to entice the silvers. Granted, we had atypical SW Alaska weather. Bluebird skies and all. But we had to try different things. A #2 purple esl with pink head did well. Best fly was the least likely for me. An olive #2 beadhead woolly bugger. So I would say variety is important. But most all the books I have suggest pink, pink, and pink.

    Shoot me a pm and tell me where you will be fishing and when. I will cross reference my Alaska fishing books and see if I can pass on any pertinent information.
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    ya know:

    I just got back from the kanektok, where the gaudy pinks/chartreuses didn't work well there either. Lot's of bluebird skies and lower than normal water. Takes were on purple ESLs (cloudy) or flashflies (clear).

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    Flash Flies in a variety of colors. Wogs (in the dreaded pink), ESL's, Dali Llamas. Have had good success with all the above. The personal favorite is a wog though, LOVE that topwater action!


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