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Thread: James Lake: Nancy Lakes Canoe Trail

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    Just wondering if anyone has ever fished James Lake on the Nancy Lake Canoe Trail, and if so, what was in there. I've been able to find info on some other lakes in the area (Lynx, Red Shirt, Big No Luck, etc), but not much on James. My wife and I have the cabin reserved for a few days in mid-September and I am debating if it's worth taking a fishing rod along. We'll be going in really light (as I hope to come out really heavy , so if there aren't much for fish in the lake, I don't want to bother. Thanks.

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    Below are some links. Several folks here on the forum have been there. Shoot them pm's and maybe they can give some specific info.

    Google search Nancy Lake canoe trails fishing. There is tons of info online.
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