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    hey all,

    thanks in advance for advice...

    I've got a neice and new boyfriend up from Colorado visiting and they're dying to go down to Valdez for a little salmon fishing. I attempted to rent a boat but seems everything is taken, so looks like we'll be fishing off my zodaic provided it is safe enough (staying inside the narrows). I've never fished for silvers except from the bank, I hear from a few people that I should troll for them.

    now for the questions;
    So how do I determine how deep to go (no depth finder on the zondiac)?
    Or do you guys recommend a different method?
    And any recommendations for where I should be going (12' Zodiac style boat with a 25hp motor)?


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    You'll see all the other boats stacked up fishing just follow them. Last year we slow trolled for them using herring with a 4/0 to 5/0 octupus hook and a 2oz bannana weight. Good luck.

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    I've fished with downriggers anywhere 20 -45+ ft, divers anywhere 20-to what ever and it really didn't make much of a difference. Oh yeah mooching dropping for rock fish or lingsand off the city dock. I've actually had them hit right below the surface as we were setting up both. If they are in can't miss. Lots of fun.

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    Oh yeah if you are down there on Monday. Look for the Marian silver sided black top jet with a kicker. Good Luck.

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    no need to go anywhere near the narrows. plenty of boats are trolling and making passes within 50' of the city docks which less than 150 yards from the small boat harbour. It's kind of silly to troll that close but they're catching fish. they're trolling very close to surface.


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