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Thread: Fishing Tangle Lakes

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    Default Fishing Tangle Lakes

    Some friends and I are heading to Tangle Lakes in a couple of days. I understand Tangle Lakes have grayling, lake trout, and burbot. We plan to fish primarily with spinners and spoons but will also have our fly rods with us.

    If anyone would like to offer any suggestions or thoughts about fishing Tangle Lakes, it would be greatly appreciated, since we have never fished the area before.

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    I have used small rooster tails and meps. One big rule to remember is to bring a BUNCH of bug dope. They are just crazy in that area. I am talking about the 100% deet stuff. The kind that will take crome of a cars bumper

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    Like mentioned in the last post, bring LOT'S of bug dope. You will need it! But it is worth it. Tangle Lakes are fun to fish. The lakes themselves are better for the lake trout and the "feeder" streams between each of the lakes are where to target the grayling. Dry flies like misquitoe's and black gnats, and nymphs like the prince and gold ribbed hares ears are fantastic. You might try to fish some of the dry flies "damp, or wet" as well. If you miss a fish while fishing with flies, let the fly continue on the drift. You will have 2,3, and sometimes even more grayling hit it even in the swing! Ton's of fun.

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    Default Thanks guys

    I've heard when fishing the Tangle Lakes that you should carry heavy duty bug dope or an extra pint of blood.

    I have some of the very small rooster tails with the dual spinner. I also have a wide assortment of Mepps spinners in sizes 0 and 1. For the lake trout I have a variety of spinners, small spoons, small flatfish, small Rapalas, etc. Are most of the lake trout small or are their some sizeable fish in the lake? I like fishing with very light gear.

    Has anyone fished for burbot in the Tangle Lake system?

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    I have used 0 and 1's Mepps for over 25 years up there with great success. Flies I like the good ole skeeter or black gnat but the bead headed nymph works well in flowing waters. I have caught a few lakers while chasing grayling on my little mepps and talk about fun on light gear. Biggest was a 27 inch laker on a 0 mepps 4lb test. Not huge but on that gear it was alot of fun
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    There are some decent sized lakers in there and the burbot are good sized but hit best on bait fished just off the bottom, they seem to like grayling and whitefish the best.

    You can call Tangle Lakes lodge for more info they have been around for a while and have pics of some nice lakers on the wall not to mention great burgers and pie!


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