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Thread: 300 wby ammo

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    Default 300 wby ammo

    A friend gave me some boxes of 300wby mag ammo I know it is old because the price marked on one of the boxes is 23.95 and we have not seen that for awhile wondering if I should shoot it or just pull the bullets and reload it into something I would be using, maybe sombody has a good starting load, the 300 wby is new to me. It is a german made mk-v have just free floated the barrel and glass bedded the action and put a zeiss 4.5x14 scope on it.

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    The 300 WBY is my pet cartridge. I have a MKV Sporter and my wife has a Custom MKV Accumark. Have the cartridges you are referring to been stored properly? I see no reason in pulling them if the have been kept clean and dry, and of course they are a bullet you will use. If they have any heavy patina on them, stains or appear to be very dirty then pulling might be the best thing to do. I have found R-22 and IMR 4831 to be a favorite for this cartridge. I have a variety of loads available using the 165 & 180 gr Partitions and BT's and 180 gr Barnes TSX. Let me know what kind of loads you are looking at working up and I'll help you get in the right direction.


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