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Thread: Special things around Barrow to photograph... :-)

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    Default Special things around Barrow to photograph... :-)

    I mentioned in another article that there are special things around Barrow to photograph; but I'll bet some objects fitting that description might be amusing. Visiting photographers, for example...

    It's a small place of course, and Barrow is "exotic", so we get a fair share of media people, virtually all of whom can be spotted a mile away. I've had the pleasure of meeting/working with NASA photographers, National Geographic photographers, NYC cinematographers, well known Alaska photographers, etc. etc. It's always fun (and very educational) to talk shop.

    So I'll post a couple images of some of the "outdoor" photography I was forced into (forced I tell you!) a few days ago!

    Here is (of course) the kind of picture I really wanted to take that day.
    But this is the kind of picture that I got, what with that other photographer...
    I finally gave up! I had to concentrate on just the photographer for the rest of the day... a difficult job, but somebody had to do it!
    Italian photographer Raffaella Milandri is a delightful person to photograph. We had lots of fun pointing cameras at each other, but I won hands down on that deal because she is photogenic.
    Here's her webpage with photography from places like Nepal and India.

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    The first one is a real nice photo. Pretty lady, too

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    The third image is my favorite, clearly shows your profound skills with a camera !!

    Do you mind if I use that image under the 'fair exemption' act to teach photographic skills.. " that particular photograph is truely worth 1,000 words " !!

    Great Job Floyd, Keep up the great work.


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