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Thread: ATV core heater?

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    Default ATV core heater?

    Does anyone use a core heater or the like to help during regular wintertime use?

    My Grizzly 700 is parked outside in winter and I use it to plow my driveway. Started fine all last winter, but I felt I should treat it better with some type of heater to go plug in awhile before I use it each time. Thoughts?

    I've searched online for something like this and fine nothing.

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    Default Block Heater

    I don't know about other brands but I have a big bore (800) polaris and it is just like a car...has a part on the engine block you knock out and then you buy their block heater and it goes in the hole. Polaris makes two different ones (one for the big bore and another for smaller)
    I initially bought it to treat my machine right..I keep mine outside in Fairbanks...but I have found when it is really really cold -30 or lower that the block heater produces enough heat to warm the battery too. Doesn't matter what type of machine you have....when it is tooo cold your battery will get now in my winter outdoor trips, I always take my little 1000 honda i generator...and if it gets really cold...I get out of my nice warm arctic oven tent and plug it in for a couple hours before heading taking the battery out and putting it in the tent
    Good luck...don't know if this helps

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    I was going to mention that Polaris makes them. I don't know if any of their's will fit a Grizzly. But do a search on some ATV parts sites. I remember in the late 90's someone made a line of radiator hose inline heaters for ATv's, I almost bought one for a 97 Polaris Sportsman. The other option is the flat heaters that stick onto the oil pan of your car or truck. If you can find a small one, like for a honda civic or similar car, I'm sure you could adapt it to fit on your Grizzly. Then it could be removed for the summer and fall and just reinstalled again next winter.

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    You could get one of the ones that goes in the coolant line. I'm thinking I should get one for mine. Last winter I plugged in the space heater and let everything warm up.

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    Lightbulb Mine's Hot!!!

    I have 2003 ATP Polaris on tracks in the winter! In Willow AK. Where it does get COLD!! I put on a sticky back oil area pad and pluged it in with a timer for a morning warmup.
    Starts easy, and runs great!!!
    Nothing like warm oil!!!
    Hand warmers and windshield and a trip to the Post Office at 20 below!!!!
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    Hmm try Delta -62 in feb my wheeler starts to -40 and moblie 1 helps here but no heater and she starts on her own..

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