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Thread: Whitter silvers

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    Default Whitter silvers

    Anyone been out of whitter for silvers and any ideas???

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    I was out about 1 week ago, they silvers had not made it to far in yet. We picked up a couple out around Pigot Pt. I think it is getting better every day.

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    What depth would be best to troll for the silvers in passage canal? Me and the wife will be out there tomorrow and a few silvers would be awesome to add to the box.

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    30-80' is a good range...probably more fish in the upper range but it can depend on boat traffic.

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    Default Sort of a Whittier report

    I took my kayak out in Passage Canal yesterday (Saturday). It was a surprise to get through the tunnel and find no rain, warm temps, calm waters. I fished from the head of the canal out to about 2 miles on the far shore, had one hard strike and nothing else. I actually caught a small salmon with my herring rig - one of those multi-hook deals with the little beads. I've never caught a salmon that small before.
    I talked to some of the people fishing and no one was catching anything within sight of the harbor. It's kind of early, I guess, for the silvers to be up as far as the harbor in any numbers. Last year they were pretty easy to catch in early September. There are still some pinks rolling around, but most of them aren't looking springtime fresh any longer.
    I didn't see a single fish jumping anywhere. Still, an awesome day in Whittier to just be out on the water. Seems like everyone I meet down there is friendly - and they have the best tasting drinking water in Alaska. (I digress).

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    Default Just Got Back

    Just got back last night. You'll have to go pretty far and they are few and far between. We got six all day but had to jump around a lot. Haed south down Culrose or Perry Passage and fish the south end of Culrose and Perry Islands. There are lots of pinks to cull thru but you should be able to get a few silvers if you put in your time. We picked up most of ours in 80 to 120 ft of water trolling between 15 and 35 ft deep.
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    Anyone been out of whitter for silvers and any ideas???
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    Spent a few hours yesterday (Saturday) trolling and mooching from north end of Culross Passage west to Cochran Bay. Two people fishing, one pink and two chum caught and 3 more fish got off before got them to the boat. Radio traffic sounded like silvers in that area are few and far between.

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    Default Naked Island?

    Did anyone fish around Naked Island over the weekend? I am thinking of heading there on Tuesday. Thanks in advance.


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