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Thread: Kotz Question: Other opportunities

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    Default Kotz Question: Other opportunities

    I'll be 'bou hunting the second week in Sept. This will be my first trip to N/W Alaska and I was wondering what some other opportunities might be. What is the small game situation like for Ptarmigan, Hares, etc.? How likely is that we may run into wolves and or foxes? Bears? Should we bring some fishing gear? Weight is going to be an issue on the plane ride out so I don't want to bring anything I won't need.

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    Talking how about the mall?


    You could visit out malls, museums and our bars! Haaaa..

    Now that we have the funny stuff out of the way lets ask where are you hunting? Fishing will depend on the drainage. Most rivers will have Grayling, pike and some char. We have lots of Ptarmigan but Hares are hit and miss depending on the year. Lots of brown bears if you’re interested but the wolves are here but tough to find. I have hunted up here a fairly long time and only seen wolves once.

    Pack light and understand that wet and cold is the rule in NW Alaska!

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    Smile Funny guy...

    Quote Originally Posted by northwestalska View Post

    You could visit out malls, museums and our bars! Haaaa..

    Uutuku does have a good selection of ball caps. And Empress has the best club sandwich for 600 miles. Ha ha...


    If you will be on the Kelly or Kugururok Rivers, shoot me a pm.
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