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Thread: Klutina River Reds.. Still there? Worth a trip?

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    Question Klutina River Reds.. Still there? Worth a trip?

    Wondering if it's worth a stop down to, or up from, a Valdez exursion?

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    Red face geee

    Anybody?? Anyone going to valdez see folks still fishing under the bridge? Lets try that question..

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    Default No!

    No, and No! you might be able to catch some if you drive up the Brenwick-Craig road to 14 mile. I was there on the 2nd and it was dead. However, I remember last year I was able to catch limits all the way until the end of August, so it might be worth a shot.

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    Default klutina/valdez

    Stopped by the klutina a couple days ago on our way to valdez. We didnt catch anything. Talked to one of the owners at the campground and he said he had caught some but had to work pretty hard for them. We were the only fishers on the river so nobody else to compare notes with.

    We left and headed to valdez where we are now. Caught one silver and some pinks yesterday and we pulled 9 silvers today after fishing all day.


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