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    Default Boat Scales

    Where is the easiest place to get a boat weighed in the Anchorage or Eagle River area? I have never done this and would like to get a boat and trailer weight as well as a tongue weight. Thanks in advance.

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    Default scales

    Bekins off of Cst has a state certified scale. Small fee and he will weigh you three ways with a print out at the end and you will have Truck, tongue and boat package. Easy spot to get in and out of.

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    The DOT weigh station will do it. Just try and do it off peak. Stop in the office and ask, generally great guys. They will set you on the scale to give you steer weight, drive weight and trailer weight. They even let me do an adjustment to even out my triple axle trailer. Next would be the Landfill. But again avoid peak.

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    AS&G will do it for free as long as they are not busy.


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