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    Default Looking for a Boat...

    Ok tell me if something like this exists...

    I'm looking for a boat that can safely and comfortably carry four passengers, has a good sized rear deck for fishing, and an enclosed (preferably hard-top) cabin,

    I want to be able to go to Whittier and Cordova from Valdez, and something I can use for salmon, halibut, rockfish, and shrimping.

    It has to have a permanently installed head or room for a porta-pottie (for the womenfolk) and hopefully a cuddy below deck to relax in when not fishing.

    A sleeping area is nice but not necessary, and it has to be able to be towed by my 1-ton single axle diesel truck

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    Check craigslist. It might help if you have an idea of your upper price range for useful feedback.

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    Lots of boats like that.

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    Default I have what you want

    Please go to 907bigboytoys and look at the Kinfisher there. I'll make you a great deal, throw in a lot of extra gear, and you get a fantastic boat for everything from PWS to Homer and be safe and comfortable in the best to the worst weather and wave conditions. Feel free to PM me as well.

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    As mentioned there is an incredible choice in boats that will fit that bill, on the small end a C-dory 22 or hewescraft hardtop. On the upper end, well, I guess thats limited by what you can tow with your 1 ton.

    Any ballpark on what you want to spend? You might be able to find a used boat in the $30k range, and on the end you could drop upwards of $200k.

    If you can afford it, I'd say look at the 24-26 foot boats on the small end. I have a 22 foot boat and even though it has a large fishing deck for it's size, add a 150 qt cooler, landing net, etc, and it get's small quick.

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    Minimum of 24 feet with a vee berth. Son and I just finished a 4 day trip running out of Valdez in our 24 footer. We might of been able to handle a third person but certaintly not any more.

    Don't write off buying a new boat this time of year. If you like Hewescraft take a look at what Deweys is selling. There must be a ton of mark up in the boats he sells because on some models he is offering $9,000 off the spring boat show prices plus including 1,500 gallons of gas. And you know he is not losing money on the deal either.

    August, September, or October is the time to buy a boat. Buying in the spring time is when it will cost you the most money.

    A smart shopped could walk away with a new boat this time of year for less than what a lot of people are asking for one a couple of years old.

    If you plan on towing the boat make sure you have a truck up to the task as well.

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    Default Osprey

    I like the 28' Osprey, here,
    your truck is capable of pulling a nice sized boat (10,000 pounds), especially if you don't have to tow far distances. 26-28' will make for a comfortable boat.

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    Boondocks -The Sea Sport dealer in Washington, has a website with used Sea Sports all prices ranges and sizes. Getting it here is another matter, vacation/roadtrip time!

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    How about an Osprey 26 LC with swim platform ...

    I have a 2003 and after fixing all the things that a local shop screwed up, I have to say it is really a great way to go. At 8'6" wide it is good to traller without a permit. I have been "caught and released" twice by the state troopers not believing that great "big boat" was not wider than it was ... I have a 2003 chevy 2500 duramax allison pickup and it tralliers really well on a sea king three axel trailer. I think that it is about 8,000 lbs with fuel water and a weekends wort of stuff. We have a real refidgerator, sink with 20 gal of water, two burnner wallace diesel stove / heater that is externally vented along with a real toilet. It sleeps three adults with ease and if it is a family with two adults and two childern, no problem. I have installed high end computer speakers along with the laptop & ipod we have movies games and good sounds. I added a 700 watt 110 inverter for the curlling irons and coffee pot, need the engine running when you do those kinds of activites though.

    Most important this is a really safe boat, for example, this last Wednesday we went out to Pony cove out of Seward, I think that when we left protected waters at Cheval Island there were gusts probably around 50 to 60 knots. The wind was actually picking up water off the surface and making a spray. Getting out of there and over to the east north east side by Sunny cove off Fox Island took a while and it was a some what of a wild ride . In the troughs I was looking up at the sewlls and in that boat I am about 9 feet off the water in calm seas, some of those waves were probably 12 to 15 feet. This boat took those conditions in stride ... except for the coffee pot, my son had to put in the sink when it started flying around.

    With the 5.7 GI engine with Duoprop outdrive I cruse at 30 mph at 3600 RPM and see a little better than 2.5 mpg, top our at 42 mph when I want to waste gas. With 150 gallons of fuel that is about a 400 mile range, the boat has long legs. With the rear helm station trolling for silvers and kings keeps you back where the action is. I installed a built in tackle box to keep the nasty fish smells out of the cabin. It has a raw water wash down and I bought a 30 inch Magma cleaning table and we usually clean our catch before we come in.

    I am sure a Seasport 27 Navagator would provide the same experience but I love my Osprey.

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    Default Don't you hate it.....

    When the Res turns into a mess all of sudden and you have do that? Been in nearly the exact conditions many of times in my C-Dory 22. I don't care what boat you have, it is no fun and wrecks a perfectly good day of fishing. You have to go slow, you have to be careful, and sometimes, I just flat out pray. My boat has strengthened my relationship with god. However, it is nice to know that you can do it if you are forced to. I probably would have turned around and waited that one out if I could have. Glad you lived

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have looked at craigslist and yes there are a number of boats that I could get into. Problem is, I have only seen one boat that listed the weight and I am a terrible judge of how much a boat weighs! LOL! I will be pulling to Valdez (Over Thompson Pass) and my F350 is rated at 10,000 lbs towing capacity. So I need to find a suitable boat for under that.
    Monetarily speaking, I can go as high as $35,000 and I know there are used boats for that easily on craigslist. Now my next quandry is, not knowing all that much about boats, how do I know if the boat I'm looking at is a good deal or a money pit? I want something that is ready to go - I can put in some accessories, but I want the basics installed and working well. I don't need another "project"!

    That, plus the other requirements already listed might be more helpful. I do like the pilothouse type boats and the cabin cruiser types as well. Something the family can get in and stay dry in, while I (the more dedicated fisherman of the family) don't mind a little rain!

    I'll be in Anchorage next week and want to look at a few boats while I'm down there. Where is a good place to go to look at a variety of boats (used and new)?

    One more wide a boat can you tow without a permit/wide load sign/or other hassles?

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    EVERY boat is a money pit! But they sure are a blast!

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    One thought about towing the boat home might be to run it from Whittier and have a friend tow the trailer or use the Alaska ferry.If your diesel is not set up right you could do damage to the motor on the pass.

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    Default Fishin Fool,

    It should be relatively easy to find out the weight of a particular boat on the internet.
    As was said before, if buying a boat far from you, get a marine surveyor to check it out.
    Also, do you really have a need to buy a boat from the other end of the continent? Seems like quite a few boats for sale locally or at least WA/OR. If you end up buying used from a dealer (not always wise because they are in business to make money, Joe Smith down the stree who wants to sell his boat is most likely more interested in just getting rid of it), ask them to put some kind of warranty on it for the whole rig.
    One last thing, definitely keep emotions out of it; that was also mentioned before.
    My dad has a wise saying about making decisions:
    "Don't move quickly, don't think shallow, don't invest deeply"
    He's obviously not a stock broker, but retired at 39.

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    Default 25' Seaark Commander 25VC

    I have an ex-state police boat that has a large aluminum cabin and a large rear deck. Check out

    The Seaark has no outboards, so you can put what you want to. It had twin 175 Johnsons on it. Seaark's website gives the weight at 4300 pounds and the hauling capacity at 4000 more.


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    Default Check out today's Craigslist...

    Sounds like the 26' Olympic is what you seem to be looking for; big enough to fish 4 people, enclosed hardtop cabin, sleeping area, newer 4-stroke outboard (get away from I/O's if you can, they're a thing of the past---take up too much interior room, gas fumes, too many issues that can sink the boat), 4-stroke kicker, etc.
    Sheesh, that's exactly the boat I'd be looking for if I was ready to buy...

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    Hi Big Jim,
    Yes I saw the 26' Olympic you are referring Haines. It is a good looking boat to be sure. And it's one to consider. But there are a few others and some even closer to home!
    I'm still in the looking stage...have to wait to get a couple things paid off first but hopefully by next spring I'll be ready to put something besides my waders in the water!

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    Default Yep,

    I know the feeling to be in the "looking" stage; perpetually as a matter of fact! But it never hurts to really think things thru so when you drop the coin you're prepared. As you may have seen from my other posts, my (current) dream rig is a Hewes 22' Ocean Pro. I know bigger may be better, but for what we do (3-4 guys at most fising either Homer/Seward/Deep Creek; not really overnighting) I think that fits the bill. HOWEVER, when you come across a deal like that 26' Olympic with a full cabin with amenities and newer outboard or the Raider I saw for sale outside Soldotna for 24K, make you want to do something quicker, especially compared to the price of a new rig!
    Good luck,


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