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Thread: 9.3x62 COL & freebore

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    Default 9.3x62 COL & freebore

    I was measuring COL for 286 Nosler partitions and 250 Accubonds last night in my CZ 550 medium.. They measure 3.560 and 3.570 respectively. Max col for this cartridge is 3.290 giving freebore of .27-.28. My mag will allow for a longer col but this seems like excessive freebore. I have found freebore in other rifles as much as .18 to have little effect on accuracy but .28?? What do you think?


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    With my Lothar barrel 23.5" in the 9,3x62 fitted to my VZ24 I have 3.7" to lands with the Nosler 286 Partitions. My COL is 3.335" as my M98 box will accomodate that-good to have some misc. 98 parts around. The Higgins Model 50 .30-338 is long throated too, it shoots sub moa groups.

    I just love rear peep aperture sights and have leaned towards NECG fiber-optic fronts, with a slight aura from the glow stuff my best shooting with my VZ is 2" groups at 100yds. I don't have the drilled and tapped scope base holes in the receiver due to the crest on the front ring but I do have the charger hump ground and polished down. "Was" leaning that way at the start and then decided this rifle would be a 200 yarder and a friend in hand always for any and all circumstances-can't trust a scope a 100% of the time.

    Again, nothing wrong with a long throated son of a gun.



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