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Thread: Any experience with Browning BAR in .338 ?

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    Cool Any experience with Browning BAR in .338 ?

    I just wondered if anyone has real experience (as opposed to conjecture or "armchair" experience) with the Browning BAR in 338 Winchester Magnum. If so--how is the long range accuracy? How about reliability in bad weather? I know the Brownings are noted for reliability--but what about in the tough conditions possible in Alaska (ie,freezing rain,wet snow,etc). What about durability in a boomer of an autoloader like this? Anyone up there hunt with them? I was thinking of the possibility of getting one in the future for moose and brown bear.

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    I own a BAR in .308....I only used it for whitetail hunting in the lower 48. I have used it in the snow and freezing rain without any feeding or reliability problems. In AK, I us a Browning Abolt, gives me more of a sense of security (less moving parts, basically make me feel better). Being so far away from home when I hunt I choose a trusty bolt action. Can't really give you any experieces in AK with my BAR.....Sorry

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    Default Thanks GWh

    Thanks GWH. That's OK...snow and freezing rain are the same in all states. Hmmm....I'm a left handed rifle shot (although I'm right handed-- and a right handed pistol shot--go figure),so I've never been big on bolts. Although I do like 'em and use them sometimes(I like most any gun come to think of it ). I know--there are left handed bolts available. But for quick firepower--if needed--nothing beats an auto.I'm sure you can appreciate that with your BAR 308 when whitetail hunting. That's why I'm wondering about that 338.... anyway,thanks again for the info.

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    Default Chuck Hawks Review...

    I don't know if this will be helpful, but Chuck Hawks reviewed the Browning BAR in .338:

    This review is in the members area; 30-day subscription is $5.
    Good luck.

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    I have an early model BAR in .338WM. I hunted with it up here for several years, but that was many years ago...and BTW I'm also a left-handed shooter.

    The accuracy of my rifle was just fine for hunting, and it is the most comfortable .338WM I have ever shot. I never had it freeze-up due to cold weather, but I also never took it winter hunting...although late season fall gets pretty cold in some areas here. I retired my BAR many years ago because it started to occasionally and unpredicatably jam. It didn't happen often at all, but it did happen. The few times that it did jam were always on the feed for the second round. I changed magazines and worked some other options with my gun smith, and like before it operated 99% of the time just fine...but then would jam. I can't accept unpredictability in a hunting rifle, so I quickly lost confidence in it. At the same time I discovered the beauty of the .375H&H in a bolt action, and it immediately became my go to rifle, sealing the early retirement of my BAR.

    Those are just my experiences with my BAR, which is what you requested. I'm not saying my experiences are representative of other BAR's or this model rifle. I also won't sell it because I really have good memories with it.


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