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    Last night during training my pointer was not pointing the chuckar in the bird launcher. She would go up to it and give it a sniff and run on looking for something else to point. She started to catch some of the pigeons we set out for her then she thought she could catch them all, so i started to put some chuckars in the launch and not launch them to get her to point them and not go charging in after them. So i don't know if she knows i'm not launching them so why bother or what, but is this normal for a 14 month german shorthair?


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    I would guess she recognizes the launcher, but she should normally still point. If she knows the game you need to change it up on her.
    I would try a few with her on the check cord & when she recognizes the birds scent whoa her or hold her tight so she can't go charging in on it. If you have someone else have them kick up the bird while you hold her tight on point a few times with out using the launcher.
    Also you can launch some with the launcher as soon as she starts to get good scent or lock up. I.E. make them a little early or unexpected so she cant' associate the launcher with holding the bird down & allowing her to move in as close as possible.

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    First, i am not sure what your dog knows. The dog should obey come, whoa, stay, heel and other commands that should be done in the yard. Once they dog understands these commands in different settings you should take the dog to the field. Use a long lead, 20 + feet long. Put out a bird where the dog cannot see it. Work the dog so that it gets the scent. Watch for the tell tale signs of alerting to the scent and whoa the dog. if the dog does not whoa, then use the lead. Do not allow the dog to fail and use a little force as possible. Style the dog and then have someone hold the long lead. stomp around in front of the dog as if looking for the bird. You should be at least 20 ft from the bird. work to the bird and then release the bird. let the bird fly and made the dog stand, not chasing or barking. shoot a blank gun when he calms down and throw a dead bird for him to retrieve. do not let him retrieve the bird until you release him. He will be steady to wing and shot and then retrieving on command and not when he wants to. do this several times, giving him the opportunity to fail as time goes on, but never off lead. He will get the idea and rewarded when he does it correctly. when he is steady to the wing you can shoot the bird that you release. make sure it is at a distance of 20 yds from the dog. allow him to retrieve it when he is steady after the shot, not at the shot. have him bring the bird to hand. If he is a young dog, let him keep the bird as long as he comes and stays with you. take it after he has played with it a while. He must come to you on command and the long lead should be used at all times until he has the idea. Don't take the bird away immediately since he will resent this and try to keep the bird away from you. when you play with balls or frisbee make him bring it to your hand and not drop it early. training is nothing more than repetition. good luck.


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