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Thread: Best tide days for Sept. 4-9 Kodiak halibut?

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    Default Best tide days for Sept. 4-9 Kodiak halibut?

    I will be in Alaska from roughly Sept. 3 thru 14 and right now I'm leaning towards Kodiak being the first leg of my trip. Just looking for advice on which days between Sept. 3 and 9 look to have the best tides for Kodiak halibut. Any advice at all would be very much appreciated.

    Recently I emailed seven or eight Kodiak guides and only a couple have bothered to reply (some I emailed over a week ago, some three or four days ago). I just asked if they had openings during the Sept. 3-9 time period. It's pretty disheartening to not even receive a response at all from most of them. How long does it take to type words to the effect of "we never do anything to cater to individual anglers" or "we're all booked up"? As far as the two that did reply, they both became like the other guides when I asked which dates would have the best tides (no response from either and it's been three or four days since I asked). Do they think I've got my own boat and just trying to get free info out of them? One of the two responded within a couple of hours of my first email... He said he had openings and seemed very friendly. So it's pretty perplexing as to why he's chosen to go "mute" since I inquired about tides three or four days ago.

    I know guides are very busy at this time of the year but a two-sentence reply email doesn't take that long. And no matter how busy they might get, I seriously doubt they go days on end (or forever) ignoring emails from friends and those they receive from potential clients who look to be cash cows (i.e. people who inquire about one of the ridiculously priced package deals). But if you're a lone angler just looking for a couple of days of fishing on a six-pack boat, you are not even worthy of a response. Though I bet all seven or eight guides I contacted would've responded within 24 hours if I had asked something like "what kind of fishing can $2000 buy a guy"? At that point I think they all would've "somehow" found the time to give me advice on the best tide days and "somehow" found a way to work me into their booking schedule.

    I fished Dutch Harbor last summer and I had one of the greatest trips of my life... great guide (in every way), unbelievably good halibut and sea bass fishing at only $180 a day, five-star hotel at $121 a night (got a good-sized business discount), very friendly residents, no touristy b.s. to put up with at all, etc, etc. But I've never been to Kodiak so at this point I'm still willing to keep dealing with some of the worst "customer service" I've ever experienced in my life in order to plan out and make a trip.
    ***I will say the two reasonably priced Kodiak Inns I contacted replied very quickly when I asked if they had a room available, what the total cost would be, etc.

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    More than likely you will have a hard time booking a spot for just one person. It's not like Homer or Seward where you can jump on board an open party boat. Most boats are chartered for multiple anglers. The tides are small during the 4th - 9th. Should be good fishin, and hopefully there will also be some Silver salmon available.
    Good luck

    September - Kodiak, Port of Kodiak
    Date Day Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height
    09/01/2008 Mon 03:21AM LDT 9.1 H 09:31AM LDT -0.6 L 03:47PM LDT 9.0 H 09:52PM LDT -0.1 L
    09/02/2008 Tue 04:00AM LDT 8.6 H 10:02AM LDT 0.1 L 04:16PM LDT 9.1 H 10:31PM LDT 0.0 L
    09/03/2008 Wed 04:39AM LDT 7.9 H 10:31AM LDT 0.8 L 04:45PM LDT 9.0 H 11:09PM LDT 0.2 L
    09/04/2008 Thu 05:18AM LDT 7.2 H 11:01AM LDT 1.7 L 05:15PM LDT 8.7 H 11:50PM LDT 0.7 L
    09/05/2008 Fri 06:00AM LDT 6.4 H 11:31AM LDT 2.5 L 05:49PM LDT 8.3 H
    09/06/2008 Sat 12:36AM LDT 1.2 L 06:49AM LDT 5.6 H 12:04PM LDT 3.2 L 06:28PM LDT 7.9 H
    09/07/2008 Sun 01:34AM LDT 1.7 L 07:59AM LDT 5.0 H 12:45PM LDT 3.8 L 07:21PM LDT 7.4 H
    09/08/2008 Mon 02:56AM LDT 2.0 L 10:16AM LDT 4.8 H 01:54PM LDT 4.3 L 08:33PM LDT 7.1 H
    09/09/2008 Tue 04:36AM LDT 1.8 L 11:54AM LDT 5.1 H 03:45PM LDT 4.3 L 10:00PM LDT 7.1 H
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    Steelie, Thanks very much for the advice. I guess any two days will be just as good as the other days.

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    Default Ultimate Island Adventures

    Just got back to NY from Kodiak. I fished for three days with Sean from ultimate island adventures and had a great time with excelent fishing. He runs a tight ship put us on 'em. You may want to consider an ATV with him for silvers. Give him a call and tell him Jeff sent ya, 907-486-9441
    Good Luck, Jeff

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    Thanks for the tip, Jeff. But I'll be by myself and the guide you mentioned is one of the many on Kodiak that only caters to groups (see bottom half of my original post). I've chosen the one I'm going to use. He actually takes a few minutes to accommodate individual anglers.

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    Default sounds like

    you should go back to dutch harbor to me

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    I took out kodiak island charters last year and they were fantastic. Capt. Chris is an excellent salmon fisherman. We outfished the other boats both days we went out. He has a big boat, 43 footer and can take up to 16, but keeps it down to 8 normally. I'm sure he could fit you in. Great guy, great crew, nice big boat.

    We limited on kings both days we went out, caught as many halibut as we wanted to catch. Nothing too big, biggest went about 80lbs and hundreds of rockfish.

    Here's the video of our saltwater trip from last year and a vid of us fishing the roadsystem..... enjoy

    and heres the link to capt chris and kodiak island charters

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    Default Laid back vids...


    I browsed both your vids about the Emerald Isle and enjoyed them.

    Kodiak was good to you and that's terrrific...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"

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    I would but unbelievably Dave Magone is the only halibut guide working out of Dutch this year and he's "closing shop" a week from tomorrow. I should say he's definitely the only typical guide in Dutch.... The Grand Aleutian Hotel might still be offering package deals (I know they did last year). Doesn't really matter if they're doing it again this year or not because my net worth is a "little" too low to justify paying $4000 for a week's worth of high-dollar food and wine, room & board, and two or three halibut trips.

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    you should go back to dutch harbor to me


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