I think he and his son would have a blast on Rabbit Slough if we can get him a canoe to go down and hook up. I got some great spots to catch Silvers on there. I also know it opens up to motors as well and will donate my trolling motor if I have to. I can rent a canoe from the MWR here on Rich if needed but thought someone out there might be able to dust one off and hook him up. Seems he and his son will be in this Friday (AM). IF I was not going to fish the derby I would take them myself. I am not trying to start a (Salvation Army) for fishermen coming to Alaska..just like to see the kids coming get what they deserve.....Recommended Birds creek and all streams up north for other fishing spots.

Lets play with this and see what we can do..there are some awesome guys out here...I have been softspoken in the past and have learned so much from everyone on this forum...Great guys and great post....Well,,most of the time...lol

My two cents