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Thread: TASF August 12th

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    Default TASF August 12th

    Took another group out yesterday. Alot were hooked. Few were landed.
    But they had a great time.
    A volunteer was asked to drive to transport fish, of all the guys, no one wanted to do this. One guy stood up and said, I will! then was asked was size boot he was. He was thinking "why do i need boots for transporting fish".
    Then it was revealed that he would be going fishing, and he got paid for it. How cool is that
    Other guys were obviously kicken themselves in the butt for not volunteering!
    But here is a group picture of the soldiers we took out.

    Thank you for everything you do!

    Your Crew @ Fisherman's Choice Charters!

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    Thanks Angelette - from a Soldier.

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    They are all smiling.

    Thank you again Anglette and Fishermans Choice Charters.

    It is a good feeling to meet up with the soldiers to take them to the drop off point.


    TASF is now a 501c3 !!!!

    I got the call last night.

    Ron Miller

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    Yep thats right we are non profit. Always have been but now it is OFFICIAL! Thanks guys for moving this forward its is such a great feeling to see the site working the way I see it in my head. Our vision is the same even if we are MILES apart and live different lives. Later Mike


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