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Thread: Let's try this again...charter re-cap!

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    Default Let's try this again...charter re-cap!

    New attitude, head out of rear end:

    We went on a halibut/combo charter on Aug. 3 out of Homer. I tried to get the most accomplished in a one day trip and we agreed on a halibut, steamers, rockfish trip (12 hour day).
    Weather was great, calm water. We went outside & a little farther then Port Graham; struck out on steamers & rockfish (we tried), but I had the awesome opportunity to be at the rod that caught a 80 halibut! Everyone got excited when they saw the fish and started the celebration, but I know from lots of trips that the most disappointing time is when you lose that fish at the boat, but it stayed on and I helped gaff & drag it in.
    Not much action other than that, although the captain moved us to another 4 spots.
    We finished up the day helping pull crab pots and after we got to his place, took pictures, cleaned the fish, and he ended up giving us 2 of his Tanner crabs that he had cooked in the meantime (cleaning/pics).
    On top of all that, he gave us a discount on our trip; that's never happened that I've heard.
    I highly recommend Frank Casey and his operation; Alaska Wildrose Charters (can I do that?). He's talking about having a new, bigger (26') Fish Rite for next season; he currently runs a 24'.
    Maybe next year I'll have the pleasure of fishing with him again.

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    Default Thumbs up

    Appreciate the re-try on the re-cap, Jim. Takes a grounded person to come around like you did. It's great to see quality people posting on these forums.

    Catch more fish, now!

    Palmer, Alaska
    "There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there's ALASKA!"

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    Most of us have been on hunting and fishing trips that for one reason or a another just did not work out. I know how disappointing that is!
    All you can do is learn from your mistakes and try to make better plans on your next trips. When trips go bad sometimes we just need to vent out our frustrations!
    Good luck!

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    Default good job

    Way to put a positive spin on your trip.

    Often times I find that the clients attitude will make or break their trip. The one thing that turns me off the most is when clients show up and say " I am not looking for big fish, 60 - 80's will be fine..." Really going out on the water with friends and enjoying the experience, whatever that expereince brings is what fishing is all about. Some days are better than others but it is all good really. Most long time guides are much happier, when you catch the fish you came for.

    It take a bigger man to do what you did. Good for you.

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    Smile Charters.......

    Glad you had fun. I spent a couple of days out of Homer catching halibut with my family. We could not catch any big ones but we made up for it with a bunch of little ones. A safe trip and good memories. Time to clean the boat.


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