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Thread: How to avoid spooking fish in a hole? NW dollies...

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    Default How to avoid spooking fish in a hole? NW dollies...

    I will be floating the Wulik in mid Sept. I wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions on how to avoid spooking the fish in the holes we will be fishing in. I heard someone say to start at the bottom and work your way up, trying to steer fish downstream when possible. I don't want to ruin the holes. I am hoping to find some dollies stacked up in them and don't want to turn them off. Any suggestions on how to get the most fish out of the same hole? Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Default Chase the egg...

    This is a split shot, small hook, and processed salmon egg rig. (Balls 'O Fire: red orange)

    Stand on shore and step away from the pool and cast into it. Let your line sink. Reel fast. The dollies will chase your egg to the shore. Stop reeling. The moment the dolly goes for the egg, set the hook.

    The pool remains unmolested. This method is deadly if you are a spinner and don't mind bait...

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    you're exactly right. If you fish a hole from the tail to the head you'll pull a lot more fish out. You just have to resist making that long nice cast to the head of the run.

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    A small stealthy bobber, and eggs for that natural drift. No need to worry about snagging your line.


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