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Thread: Brooks Range Sheep/Caribou Advise?

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    Default Brooks Range Sheep/Caribou Advise?

    My dad and I are thinking of heading up to the Brooks Range toward the end of August to pursue sheep and caribou for the freezer. Anybody have any relatively current tips of where to go either off the haul road itself or for a flight that will cost @$1000 or less for both of us?

    We are 40+year Alaskans, in reasonable condition, bowhunting, (at least for the first week) and have each killed a number of sheep and caribou, but haven't hunted the Brooks Range for several years. Any up to date tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't think you will find a flight in that price range, if you do let me know I have been paying more than twice that... I have always seen sheep in the Atigun Pass area, and last year saw a couple of nice rams there as well... Caribou will be scattered from there to Deadhorse... Hard to say with them here today gone in ten minutes... Well good luck I hope it goes well for you, I will be heading up there next week...

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    I have been hunting sheep in the Brooks since the early nineties. I drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks and then fly. Cost in '05 was more than twice 1K/person. In addition most air taxies will not fly to north side after end of Aug due to weather. Good luck.

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    Default enjoy the company

    Well as you know the bou will be moving around mainly up high closer to PS2. Since you haven't been for for years you might be suprised to see how much company you will have. Lot more people hunting up there now & even boat transporters helping clog things up. Unfortunately you won't touch a drop service for that price, unless you mean per person.

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    Default Fly commercial to

    Bettles, take a float plane to Wild Lake and hike from there. There should be some sheep in those mountains and a caribou or two. The area is out of the park, but I did not do the due diligence regarding seasons/draw/etc. Just an idea.


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