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Thread: Odd time Of Year

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    Default Odd time Of Year

    Due to the military my first trip back to AK since I left is in a week and a half...23-31 Aug. Looking for some insight where on the Pen I can take the wife fishing. Usually I am don't go that far south that time of year.

    Any and all help would greatly be appreciated. We won't be doing a charter because the cost is too much for us so we are doing all the road fishing we can handle.



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    Default Peninsula possibilities

    Red fishing closes on the Russian Aug 20...but there should be plenty of silvers in the Kenai, as well as rainbows and dolly varden.
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    Default Yep,

    Check the local parks (Centennial, Cunningham, etc) for places to fish silvers; plenty of info from the guys here on the forum too. Maybe check or post in the Open Seat forum to see if anyone might be interested in taking you both out boat fishing on the Kenai; heck, wish I was there, we'd go!
    Hey, that's a great idea: "Honey, sorry, but I have to go back up to Alaska to take some friends fishing; they don't have a boat, see ya in 2 weeks". Not gonna fly as I just got back home this past Friday night!


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