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    I will be going hunting soon and I am concerned about leaving my new (and first atv) behind in camp when I do not need it. The area does have regular traffic and I am concerned about vandalism and theft (whole or part). Am I being paranoid or is there some precautions I should be taking.

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    I dont blame you for your concern now a days. I keep a length of chain and a lock in my tool compartment and get ribbed by others I'm with when I pull it out and chain to whatever I'm by be it a nother wheeler or a tree. Also use a grip lock that goes over the hand grip and you pull in the brake lever and it locks over the lever keeping the brakes applied. Any precaution can be overcome by a thief but if you make it harder for them it just might make the difference.
    Been told I'm paranoid but it makes my walking away more stress free. Know somebody who ran out of gas on there sled back in Hatchers a few years back and rode out with another to get fuel. When returned found there sled was dragged off several miles and loaded up and gotten away with. Some real dead beats out there you need to watch out for.I've been fortunate as to now,I always carry some form of firearm and would not want to catch someone getting off with my property as I'm sure I would feel very violated and with anger comes clouded judgement.
    Do what you can to make it a little harder for a thief to ease your mind a bit.JMO

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    I usually just park it in a hidden area, like in the weeds or alders. If near my truck, I have an old surplus camo net.
    When I knew I had to leave mine for a couple days, I put it deep in the weeds/woods and covered it in brush.

    From 10 feet away, you wouldn't know it was there.

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    Default Never worried about it

    I think it would take someone with BIG BALLS to mess with a wheeler or anything else. When they know there is someone with a high powered rifle, maybe not far away. I call that DLP. Them taking my wheeler could cost me my life, if I needed it in an emergency. Or just leaving me stranded. Maybe like duck decoys when someone finds them sitting alone they just think you forgot them.And diden't think maybe you just went back to camp to more beer. If you are going way-out, you should be safe. I find the kind of people that would mess with someones goods, are mostly to lazy to go to far from the pavment.

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    Default Anti-theft

    I think what everyone else says rings true....Be cautious -especially in high traffic areas
    In High and even low traffic areas remember- OUT of Sight OUT of Mind...if it is out of sight of would be vandals/theifs than it should be ok...most theifs take a quick look and don't examine things very carefully...I don't have a cover/door to the back of my truck camper, so I always cover the gear inside with a tarp..never had a problem in busy urban areas
    Also remember- A lock and key is only designed to keep the HONEST people out. Dishonest people will get your stuff if THEY REALLY WANT IT and if they have the intellect or will power...most don't so most of us are fortunate...Like others have said that is why I am diligant...keeps things hidden, locked if I can, and always carry a side arm or firearm (mini-30 with colapsable stock) slung on my front deters a lot of would be theifs

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    We do alot more recreational riding than hunting but I always chain the ATV's to something imobile (usually the truck or camper) before heading off to sleap. was never really worried about it until a few years ago camping at Deep Creek when the local park ranger walked up and suggested that we lock our stuff up as they had recently had several go "missing" in the middle of the night! Seems the sneeky little S$%&! would wait until the wee hours of the morning and then push the ATVS by hand all the way down to the boat launch area to load then up in trucks and haul them away.......

    I have never had a wheeler go "missing" but I have had coolers, knives and gas cans magically disapear....... My Neice had her dirt bike stolen out of the back of her pickup on a saturday night in the Anchorage Century 16 parking lot. The nice part was she went in and asked if she could get a copy of thier security camera footage from the parking lot, and explained to them why she wanted it. The answer? Nope....... the cameras are there, but they are turned off.......... liability concers they said. Nice!

    So I guess I will continue to join you in our well founded fits of parinoia...........
    “You’ve gotten soft. You’re like one of those police dogs who’s released in to the wild and gets eaten by a deer or something.” Bill McNeal of News Radio

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    Thanks for the input, I will follow the two good rules, cover and lock and I should be ok.

    Also one of the areas I was most conserned about, has only one way in and the same way out and it would take enormous ba.... to steal anything, when there is the possibility that they might run into the heavily armed owner coming in.


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    Sorry about the second post, I put it in the wrong place.


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