Well, I want to thank everyone for all of the help and advice. After going through all of the problems conceivable with my new 375 H&H. It started back in Janurary with the scope rings and mounts, to scope, to new stock and now having all of my reloading equipment I'm zeroing in on the perfect set up and load. I've been experimenting with 300 grn TSX and IMR 4350 and was getting some good groups. Today I tried the 270 grn with 69-70-71 grains of RL-15 and was getting 1/2' to 1' groups. One of the problems that I'm still having is the parellex on the Zeiss Victory scope but may just have to learn to live with it. I have also discovered that the rifle likes the OAL at 3.650 instead of the 3.600 in the books which still gives me about .030 left in the mag. This is all just in time for me to head to the field on the 31st for my first brown bear hunt and maybe a blackie if I'm lucky. Thanks again to everyone!!!