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    i just bought an AK and it was made by centry int. arms, are they any good?
    it is also an underfolder and would like to get a tapco stock for it, how could i switch out the underfolder or is it there forever? i took it out last nite and it shot well, took about 10 rounds to zero it in and shot 70 more rounds and not 1 problem. i paid $600 for it new, if i can't switch out the stock it might be on the market soon.

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    The underfolder stock is there for good unless you swap swap out the receiver and the rear trunion. This is not a very easy thing to do. That being said, you would be decreasing its value if you removed the underfolder stock and replaced it with a tapco stock. I f you want an ak with tapco furniture I would recomend building one from a kit, like the ones available on If you want more info on ak's or how to build one from a kit check out


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