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Thread: 2008 Montana Creek Humpy Derby

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    Default 2008 Montana Creek Humpy Derby

    "many thanks" to all who showed up. we all had a great time to spite the all day saturday downpour. we raised money for "Campabilities" had 83 kids signed up and 0 went home without a prize. some pics here...

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    Default congrats!!

    Glad to see the derby was a success. Great to see kids hooked on fishing instead of t.v..

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    Default many thanks to you !

    thanks to Paul Reed of the for donating extra prizes, I know the kids are probably getting plenty of advice on how to spend those sportsman's warehouse gift cards you put up, and the kids that got the limited Montana Creek Humpy Derby shirts that you had made were quite impressed knowing that they were gonna be the only ones with them. I also know that the Big Lake Aurora Lions appreciated you helping them make a little extra cash for their Campabilities program. Those were some real nice things you did. Just a little under double the turn out from the previous year was pretty good. It was good to see parents out with their young ones trying to get them their first fish ever. Ran into two single mom's that had taken on the adventure of getting their kids their first fish ever. For those that don't manage to get a fish, the everybody gets a prize deal seems to put a smile back on their faces. I wish the run and weather had been better for the new guys and hopefully it doesn't deter them. I like watching those younger ones get that fish to the bank drop the pole where it is, commence to clubbing and hurry their parents up to go get it on the board.

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    we had a great time, even though it rained all day saturday. thank you for your help getting my son a salmon and for your generous contributions to the kiddos.

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    Default Season catch fishing in Alaska.

    When you're in the world's greatest fishing country, it's tempting to expect huge fish everywhere, all the time. But Alaskan salmon are migratory species with very specific peak seasons.In general, king salmon fishing begins in the spring and ends by mid-summer; sockeye, pink and chum salmon follow. Silver salmon fishing happens during the late summer and fall. Halibut, other bottom fish, including lingcod and rockfish, and freshwater Dolly Varden trout are here during the summer, but change locations throughout the season.

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