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    Friday got to the mouth around 4 pm. I had one in the boat by 5:30 and 2 more by 7:30. My buddy got skunked. We stayed till 11:30. Few boats. Maybe 8 at the most. Fish rolling around pretty good. Seemed like the fish got sleepy towards the end of the day as they almost stoped jumping competely by the time we left.

    Sunday got there around 1:30 pm. Few more boats today. Maybe around 16 or so. They seemed to have the good holes taken up so we headed up river a ways. Didn't see much action up river. We were up for a little over an hour and saw 4 fish jump. Had some lunch and headed back to the mouth. Few less boats by then. Was able to get anchored up in the hole this time. By 6 the fish were getting active. We had 4 in the boat by 7:30. Decided to get home early and pulled anchor. All in all a good weekend.

    All were cought on #4&5 mepps and vibrax. Pink/Silver. Seemed like most everyone was doing best with spiners. Saw a guides client catch an eel. Never seen that before. Neither had the guide.

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    Got to the mouth about 0700, maybe 12 boats total. Pouring down rain. Fish jumping the whole time, but no bite. Saw 1 fish caught. Went up river maybe 5-6 miles stopping along the way, nothing. Headed back to the mough, hit the hole at Mike and Mertzs, nothing, pulled out and went to Sheep and fished from the bank, nothing. Saw 1 fish caught in 3 - 4 hours. Poured the whole time, pretty much a miserable day. My wife got up with me at 4am, saw the rain and said "have fun, I'm going back to bed". Wish I had joined her. At both Deshka and Sheep it didn't matter what was being used, no fishy. Oh well!


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