Pentax Display Goods Sale

As some of you already know we are in the end of our remodeling. The old showcases have been pulled out and the new ones have come in. All of the display goods from the old displays have been changed over and we are offering the gear from those old displays at a huge savings. I worked on the Pentax showcase the other day. Here is a list of what is available. As these are all one of each we will not be posting these on our website, just give me a call to place an order. It is all optically and functionally as new and come with the full warranty. Basically it is all new goods that were just shown here inside the store.

8x32 DCF ED $599.99
8x43 DCF ED $699.99
10x50 DCF case, no box, no instructions $799.99
8-20x24 UCF Zoom case, no box, no instructions $99.99
20x60 PCF WP II $159.99
12x50 PCF WP II $134.99
8-16x21 UCF Zoom $79.99
8x42 DCF HRc $209.99
10x42 DCF HRc $229.99
8x42 DCF HR II $199.99
6.5x21 Papillio $89.99
8.5x21 Papillio $99.99
8x43 DCF SP $449.99
10x43 DCF SP $474.99
12.5x50 DCF SP $479.99
PF 80 ED Straight Spotting Scope #70930 $599.99
SMC Zoom Eyepiece 8-24 70509 no caps $399.99
PF 63 Zoom Spotting Scope $229.99

This is on a first ordered first filled basis. As always, thank you for all the support that we receive.