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    Need your help and guidance. I have a 22' SeaArk w/console. I'm going to get a Garmin 530s and would like to install a tach, wire in for a second battery/charging unit to run lights, radio, the Garmin etc...Are there any sources of info that you know of on how to go about these types of upgrades? Plan on doing lots of stuff to the boat this winter. Thanks in advance as always!!

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    There are a few books on wiring boats, Barnes and Noble carries some.

    I used a blue sea battery combiner, it's a simple unit that has a single switch that provides to independent outputs for house and starting batteries, and in the combined position will link the batteries in the event one battery dies. There is an isolation charging relay that allows both batteries to be equally charged.

    I'd recomend putting in a fuse block to isolate and protect the various devices you're hooking up. I ran 10 ga from the battery to the fuse block, then wired the radio, gps, lites etc into the fuse block.


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