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Thread: Season Opener Ptarmigan

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    Default Season Opener Ptarmigan

    Got six today up in the Hatcher's Pass area. Head shots with a 20 ga with modified choke. Used 6 shot. Used to use 7 1/2 shot but when shooting them on the wing, I found I wasn't downing them like I was grouse on the wing, so I changed. All but one are head shots, one of them took some shot while standing behind another bird (hence she still has her head). Didn't see anyone else going after them, everyone is probably out for moose. Gonna smoke them into some jerky. Traveled some grouse areas as well and didn't see one bird. Here are two pics of my daughters, one with birds, and then at home preparing them for smoking.
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    Looks like a good start to the season.

    We will be headed up Hatcher's Pass next Sunday for some berry picking. May have to take my bow along just in case an opportunity presents itself.

    Are there any restrictions up in that area? I would assume that the area around the old mine is off limits, but I do not know.

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    Default nice

    Nice photos they look happy.
    Well I tried the sutton area for grouse today & now I know why I never go out this yearly. Trugged through wet waist high grass for 3 hrs & only saw 1 bird & heard one other. It was good to get out & the dog tried hard but I think it was just to wet. I was hoping it would have dried out but I'm sure the birds were high in the trees as not moving much. The ones we did mange to move both flew when I was in the middle of thick stuff & the dog couldn't lock down a point on them.
    Oh well there is always next week. I think I would rather do the ptamigan in the open areas


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