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    Hey guys, my father-in-law is going down to buy a brand new Rancher on Tuesday. I've seen a few used Foremans for decent prices and I think he could save some money and get a great machine in my opinion. What do you guys think? Anyone have a Rancher that could chime in? I'm not against the Rancher at all, I just think he could save a couple thousand.

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    We have a new rancher and we love it, I also own a newer foreman. the new rancher 420 is a blast to ride- lighter weight & very responsive with the fuel injection and liqiud cooling and the price is good. If most of your riding is light trail and just messing around like knik,jonesville,eureka,petersville- the rancher does great and is really fun.
    If your doing alot of hunting and pulling a trailer I would take your Sara Palin check and buy the new foreman with power steering (you would not regret it. I put big tires and a winch on the foreman for hunting. I have pulled a trailer with the rancher and it does pretty good, the second gear is a little tall. Both are great machines.

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    Ditto what Emoss said.
    If you are looking for a hauling/hunting machine, go with the Foreman, for a trail machine for mostly riding, go with the Rancher.


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