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Thread: Father/Son Trip - Where to catch around Anchorage?

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    Default Father/Son Trip - Where to catch around Anchorage?

    I am visiting Anchorage next weekend (15Aug), starting on Friday AM, and convinced the wife to let me bring my young son, who has never to to Alaska. He really wants to catch a big fish. I have made some bold statements, and hope someone can help.

    Can anyone tell me where is the best chance of catching fish? Anything will do. I can drive up to 2-3 hours from Anchorage. I will have spinning gear. Please provide as much info as possible. Location, time, bait or lures? If you want, please respond via email at and I promise I will not give away your secret spot or anything.

    My son is really looking forward to this trip. Your help will be greatly appreciated.



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    Hopefully someone responded to you via e-mail.

    If not, then I'd recommend Ship Creek in downtown Anchorage. Silvers are in now. For lure, maybe a vibrax (can get at any local Wal-Mart.....been a while since I've fished Ship so maybe there are other/better lures or bait to use). For setup, maybe stop by for advice and to buy your stuff and B&J's at the NW corner of C Street and Northern Lights. Good luck.

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    How young is your son? If he's younger than 10 or 12, I would definitely head out of the immediate Anchorage area to where you'll find fewer crowds and possibly more fish. Do you care about keeping fish, or is catch and release OK? If you don't need to keep 'em, pinks are a great target for youngsters. They're fairly aggressive and there are usually plenty of them, but they aren't very good to eat once they spend time in the rivers. Good options would be Willow Creek or Montana Creek which are about 1.5 and 2 hours north of Anchorage. A pixie or vibrax spinner would be fine as far as tackle goes. Another option would be to drive to Hope, which is about 2 hours south of Anchorage. It's a great little town with a large run of pinks. The advantage of Willow or Montana Creeks is that there are also silvers in those rivers, and if you manage to hook into one of them you'll have some good eating on your hands. Silvers will strike the same hardware as pinks and will also take salmon roe (eggs) drifted on the bottom. If you do go to either of these two streams, take the time to walk downstream from the road a half mile or so. You'll find far fewer people that way and give your kid plenty of room to cast.

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    Default How about that?

    Well Frank, it looks like you're heading north. Brian, I emailed him identical advice an hour after he posted. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back. BTW Brian, wish me luck, I'm taking my IBEP cert. Friday. (Sorry to get off subject)


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