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Thread: New here, and a 12 week pup!!

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    Default New here, and a 12 week pup!!

    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I just joined! I am looking for something in particular also! I am looking for a fowl wing to help begin training my new pup. I have just purchased a beautiful English Springer Spaniel that needs training terribly bad! If there is anyone out there that can tell me where I can get a fowl wing, that would help me immensly! Thank you so much!!!

    Amanda and Sir Riley
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    Welcome Amanda & Sir Riley, no idea on the wing, but had to comment on the beautiful pup. I've always been a sucker for a ESS. I had one growing up and my wife and I have had 4 since 1980. IMHO they are one of the best dogs around and great family dogs.

    Good luck on the wing.


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    Default local clubs

    I would check with members of any local hunt test clubs or see if you can locate any professional trainers. They might be willing to share

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    If you are in the Anch area, I have a duck in the freezer you are welcome to.

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    Default Congrats

    And welcome! I too have ESS. I've got one Field bred and one Show type. Night and Day in many regards and both filled with positive attributes. Suprisingly my show type ESS is really birdy to the extreme but doesn't retrieve great and is hard mouthed. The field dog is very, very skilled and athetic with great retrieval he doesn't get super excited over the birds yet. Both are great family dogs and when exercised and stimulated will just lay around the house and be very affectionate.

    Both of mine are sensitive so lots of positive training is most helpful. If he starts misbehaving durring training sesssions, walk away from it for a long while. Mine are super social so being left out and alone is as much punishment as is needed.

    A wing is great but so is just having some kind of bumper or retrival object that has a good scent. The idea is to get them using their nose for drills and you'll be well on your way to having a happy sporting dog.

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    Are you in the valley Im might be able to help you out with a pigeon wing

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    Hi Guys,

    You might want to give her a hand quickly.....She has him posted on Craigs list. Can someone help? Maybe even be interested in getting this beautiful pup into an experienced home?

    I have a 12 English Spriger Spaniel puppy that I am looking to rehome. He is really hyper and a good puppy, but he's too rough for our son, and for the daycare that I'm opening at the end of the month. He is purebred, but the breeder we got him from has not registered the litter. I have contacted him, and he said he will be registering them soon (I hope so). I have the parent's numbers for AKC, so it shouldn't be hard to register him when he registers the litter. I paid $250 for him, but I'm asking possibly $200 for him, but no less than $180. He has his first series of shots, and is microchipped. He is NOT neutered. If you are interested, I will like to meet you in person to ensure he goes to a good home, and not to someone who will make him a mill puppy. Please contact me if your interested, and we will set up something to where you can meet Sir Riley. Thanks!

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    Default possible help

    I have emailed a friend who has trained and bred spaniels...he might be able to help.

    In the mean time, is there no way to accomodate those involved? I hate to see you lose your dog. Can you kennel the dog while the day care kids are there? Training a dog to kennel is a good thing in lots of ways. It will take time and energy but training the dog and your son to get along can be done. In the end it will be well worth it. There are people out there that can help. Arctic Bird Dog Association has several very helpful folks who have spaniels.


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