Aloha! Everybody,
New to this forum.
After fishing the Kenai area, (and Kenai has given us lots of good memories and lots of reds and a few big kings), for several trips going back two decades we've focused our sights on Kodiak. No crowds, no combat fishing This will be our second trip to Kodiak. Two years ago it was late August to early September and wore out our gear on pinks and a few silvers. We have purposely planned it in mid-September for the late silver run. The ocean fishing was great too. I caught a nice size white king (the most delicious salmon I have ever prepared), and some good cod and halibut. But to the point, does anyone have any tips on lures? Aside from pixee's, Mepps, Aglia's and eggs what about jigs? Any tips for dollies or 'bows in Kodiak? Is it really different than fishing the peninsula?