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Thread: Nightmare AK fishing Trip

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    Default Nightmare AK fishing Trip

    The fishing trip was great until the very last day when my 50# box of Halibut/Salmon/Rockfish was mysteriously misplaced by the "airlines"

    No tracking, no nothing...gone. I like to think that the fish is in the freezer of someone's home who may need it more than me.

    I am contemplating going back for another quick "freezer trip" to get myself and family through the winter. I will not buy farm raised!! Since I spent a LOT of money on the original trip, do any of you have "affordable" tips to someone like myself who would like to maximize the "filling the freezer" potential while minimizing costs??

    I have heard that Homer Spit may be quick, or Ship Creek, Seward? Somewhere near Anchorage would be great so I don't have to make multiple stops on different airlines!! In fact, I would be tempted to buy from a local processor if nothing else works.

    Thanks for the help!

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    So are you thinking of doing a quick charter trip? What's your plans, I'll help you with what I can.
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    Reminds me of an AK Airlines runin that I had about 10 years ago. I was flying to see my wife (then girlfriend) in Ontario after Brown King season in Dutch Harbor. I grabbed 3 #50 boxes of Brown King as a gift to her parents. When I arrived in Winnipeg, the crab was nowhere to be found. I ended up getting a $150 flight voucher for #150 of crab.

    I was not stoked at all. Some airline employee was eating well on my nickel.
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    I'm surprised it was not tracked. Every time Delta has lost my luggage (4 times, all with layovers in Atlanta), they were able to tell me where it was and when I would get it. If they lose it, they are supposed to replace it. Sounds to me like they owe you for 50 lbs. of fish.


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