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Thread: Internet weather reports/forecasts for the haul road

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    Default Internet weather reports/forecasts for the haul road

    It seems pretty hard to me to find good information about the weather up there on the North Slope. There are Internet weather forecasts for Deadhorse and Coldfoot, but there's a heck of a lot of land in between. It seems the closest radar is Fairbanks... lot of good that does.

    The one other resource I've found is the USGS gage for the Sag river level near pump station 3:

    It gives you not only the water level, but also the temperature and recent rainfall at that site.

    Anyone know some similar unconventional spots to find weather info?
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    Default NOAA Link

    I found this link to be helpful for weather. It has a satelite image and gives the forecast for Deadhorse.

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    My dad is in Kavik right now, he says that it's been really foggy in most of the river canyons, he couldn't get out yesterday because of the fog.
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    Best weather info is the Alaska NOAA site:

    The "aviation" links are especially useful. FAA also has many webcams up now in various places:

    Anaktuvuk Pass, Bettles, Chandalar, Arctic Village are all online now.

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    Default weather..

    Check out

    Select "trip planner" on the top middle, then choose the village nearest the area of interest. Many villages are found on this site. I use it to get info on float trips. Best thing is the trip planner. Choose the dates, for example, Aug 15-25 and the area. It will show you all the averages for the last ten years or more. Wind, temps hi/avg/low, precipitation, etc.. A ton of info there.

    I will try to attach a link to the "trip planner" search for Deadhorse with dates Aug 15-25. Info here goes back to 1993 with the averages and extremes.
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