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Thread: Float hunting book (a must read resource)

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    Thumbs up Float hunting book (a must read resource)

    Just in case any of you don't know about Michael Strahans new book, "Float Hunting Alaska's Wild Rivers", I just felt that I should make you aware. I got mine in the other day and it is nearly 600 pages of the best information on floating Alaska rivers I have seen yet. Complete sections on hunting, rivers, rafts, camping, bush flights, etc.. It is an amazing compilation of information. Whether fishing, hunting, or just floating rivers in Alaska, this is a must have book. And to make it even better, I ordered mine and had it in 3 days on the east coast. Congratulations Mike! You knocked it out of the park on this one. Below is a link for anyone that does not have the book.
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    Looks like a great book. Just ordered a copy. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Fr. Joe

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    I got the book and it is indeed very good. Is it possible to have too much good information?

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    Default Another link

    Thanks for the kind words, fellas. I'm glad you are finding it helpful.

    Dan, the link you posted is a good one- it goes directly to the publisher's website, where you can order a copy online. For those wanting additional information, check out my website, I've posted sample pages and a complete description. I also have pages on the site for float hunting tips, a page containing river information, a blog containing some hunting stories and such, and tons more stuff!

    Thanks, everyone, for your interest and support of this. It took twelve years to put this together and it's a huge relief to my family and yours truly, to have it out there doing its thing at last!


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