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    Default packing list...

    well i was checking the check list before we head out tonight..( waiting for my daughter to fly back up from moms in anch....

    all the usall stuff. gas, food, batteries, sat phone, extra phone battery, roofing metal, flashing, green trim, winter gear just in case, extra socks..

    what the heck?????? oh yeah misus says if your going to the mine, hunting, take your mining crude with you...

    so what weird thing did yours add??????

    see ya all next week


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    Did you remember a first aid kit, some way to make a fire when it is wet such as a flint striker with some dryer lint or cotton balls and vasiline, rain gear, emergancy blanket, super glue or new skin for deep cuts? I could go on and on a more detailed list would help alot.


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