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Thread: Alaska in Sept

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    Default Alaska in Sept

    An Army buddy and I are coming up flyfishing the the third week of Sept. First time for both of us in Alaska. Both experienced fishermen

    Plan on hitting the Anchor River for steelhead. And also trying the Russian, Kenai for Rainbows and silvers if there any left
    Can anyone suggest places to stay and any info on raft/boat rentals for Russia or Kenai?
    Any other rivers suggest to fish? Patterns? Eggs or flesh patterns?

    I purchased an AK gazateer and a fishing Alaska book so have some gernal ides

    Any info would be appreciated and anyone on the forum is welcome to join
    us on the rivers when we come

    Thanks in advance

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    Default yep

    the silvers run the kenai into late october I heartell.

    for rentals check out

    you can also check on alaska raft and kayak

    I might be down that way - just to say I got me an ocean 'bow........but it is duck season then - and since I am not hunting Moose this year - - well I'll be killin critters for my puppy. (and catchin some of them non-ocean 'bows and silvers on the 'nai

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    pm sent check your messages
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    Default Silver Charter

    Charter with this guy - I've watched him slay the fish in September (while it took me 5 or 6 hours to limit). There is another guide that is a local, has a nice boat, and is friendly to everyone who is within earshot. I will try and get you his info so you have a second choice. I've asked, and he's given me a lot of pertinent pointers.


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    Thumbs up thoughts...

    Check out and post the question there in the General Discussion forum. Lots of local knowledge (and guides) on that forum.

    Additionally, check with Troutfitters in Cooper Landing about taking you on a guided trip for bows. Timing should be very good and they are a top notch outfit.

    If near the Anchor, consider Deep Creek and Ninilchik also. They are all close together. Great insights about that area (and the rest of the state) in Scott Haugen's book "Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska". It is available on the forum store here, or online from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It is required reading for anyone fishing in Alaska. It has over 100 maps, tells you where to go exactly, and breaks the state up into geographic areas. Just a wonderful book. Below are a few links for you.
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