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Thread: Whittier Halibut? Silvers?

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    Default Whittier Halibut? Silvers?

    Hello all,
    I'm new to the site and Alaska for that matter. Just relocated to the valley from Bozeman Montana and love it so far.
    Any advise on finding halibut in Whittier?

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    Default hey there

    I went to school in Bozeman for a few years...grew up in Roundup north of Billings. Have some friends in bozeman still. I am a new transplant also - nice people up here so far we love it.

    The hali's are harder to get in Whittier from what I have heard. Silvers are hit and miss right now - should get better. I hear it is gorgeous though - so if you have a boat go for it. I haven't been out of whittier yet.

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    From everything I've heard, and all the buts I haven't caught out of whittier, I'd say you should plan on running out the Montague or the South end of Knight to have an expectation of catching halibut. I've heard of a few halibut being caught closer in, but that's it. And the few buts would be one but for the whole boat.

    I pretty much run 40-50 miles out from whittier before I drop a line.

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    Default Paul hit it right on the head...

    My experience is that the fishing is best 40 miles out and farther. Although the more time spend in the waters closer to Whittier, you can probably find the fish. Pigot Pt (12 miles out) is a well know spot for silvers & as well as the South end of Culross Passage (roughly 25 miles). Got my first butt last weekend, but I was down by Montague Isl. (70 miles) Sorry cant be more specific on holes/spots. My suggestion is study the charts and do some exploring. Good Luck.
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    Try the north tip of Latouche island in about 150ft of water. Also jig a dart or something in that same area and you will hammer the lings.


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