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    I need some help on this. I have a new 375 ruger alaska with the black coating. I am in the proccess of scoping this thing and have some ?'s I have a 20+ year old leupy 1.5-5 that is gloss, I know the critters cant tell,but I can, so is there some way I can paint it matte or do I just go buy a new scope? I am thinking that a fixed 4x in some QD rings would be nice and is probably better than the old vxlll anyway. Lets hear some thoughts on this. Thanks

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    I wrap my scope on my live varmint rifle. When you buy a set of leafy wear camo suit you get a pair of worthless mitts. I cut them up wrap the sope and hold them on with rubber bands.

    I really don't think animals are mush aware of glint, they see plenty in nature every day. Heck I really don't think the varmints are flushed by it either. Man is the animal that will take notice.
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    If you can shoot well with a lower power scope than thats one thing, but if it were me , I would keep the varible because the 375 ruger is a legitamate 300-400 yard rifle while at the same time a brush thumper.


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