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    Default SE Deer HUnt

    Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    The WX sucked on the opener (rain) so Jr and I jumped on the first stretch of good weather since June (not kidding here - it's been a crappy summer.) He called me on his cell saying that he was done gillnet fishing for the season and was heading into port. I said : "Let's go huntin'!"

    We headed out on the skiff and set up spike camp around 8:30 pm at 800 ft elevation. We travel pretty light with bivy sacks and pads only. Woke up at 3:00 am sharp to eat breakfast and get gear together. Set out at 3:45 am with headlamps. Its a 1,200 foot climb to tree line from spike camp.

    We busted out at tree line at 5:15 am. See 5 deer right away. All does and fawn. Headed a little further up and spotted 6 deer, including two bucks. He shot the bigger of the two at 5:50 am. I could have shot the second buck, but passed it up. Kid was shooting a .308 Win that I had just got done tricking out for him. Its a Ruger MKII stainless. It sports a new 21 PacNor, 1:10 twisty, 3-groove barrel; a B&C carbalite stock and a Leupy 6x42 with elevation turret. All this for a 60 yard shot!


    He was shooting my handload of 46.8 gr RL-15 with a NPTG (moly free.) I was surprised with the small, pencil-like exit hole. I'm used to bigger exit holes. I didn't not see the internal damage caused, but dead is dead, I suppose.

    We decided to gut him on the spot and stash him in some trees so we could hunt some more. To be honest, I was not to keen on taking a deer myself as I knew we could not pack out in a single trip with two boned out deer. I would have shot if it were a true trophy though.

    While the kid was gutting his deer, this doe and fawn were checking us out from about 50 yds away:

    Got to see some great scenery while checking out the rest of the mountain top:

    Another great hunt with my son. Hes almost 17 and landed his first real job this summer deckhanding on a gillnetter. He was making as much as me on a weekly basis (gross) when the fishing was good.

    Remember, you can never spend too much time with your kids, ESPECIALLY HUNTING WITH THEM!

    P.S. - What's with the 4 image limit anyway? I had some other great pix. I was post them later.

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    Default cool

    Good job .... some good eating there ....

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    Thanks for the story. It brings back lots of memories of when I used to live on Admiralty Island. We would always hunt the opening weekend up in the meadows.


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    GREAT photos! Based on your last one, I recognized where you were hunting - there's a lot more deer around there than most folks realize. It's been a while since I've been there (back in Fairbanks now for 8+ years) but had many years of good hunting in that area. Although I go thru seafood + venison withdrawals each July and October, I then remember the conditions and terrain - usually not so much fun


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