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Thread: Talkeetna River/Clear Creek

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    Has anyone been up to Clear Creek recently? Reason I'm asking is because I would like to take the Pastor of my wifes church and his son up there for our annual day of fishing. I don't want to drag the boat all the way up there from Sutton and Clear Creek is dirty. I generally take them up Jim Creek but this year that is out of the question. My other thought was put in at Deshka landing and hit the mouths of the Parks Hiway streams. Any idea's??????

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    I was there yesterday, very good fishing at the mouth of Clear Creek. Somewhat crowded, but silvers, chum, and occasional pink hitting on eggs and spinners. As long as it doesn't rain much, it should stay clear.

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    Thanks RandyK for the info. I just want to get the kid into some fish before school starts.


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