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Thread: Coast Guard heli on Saturday

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    Default Coast Guard heli on Saturday

    As we were coming in late Saturday pm in Seward we saw a couple of CG helicopters heading out of the bay. About 1/2 hour or so later we heard a coast guard radio transmission saying that the boaters from the overturned kayak is some bay, sounded like Colgate had been found safe. I never heard the original notice of the search, or any followup info. Anyone know when or where this took place? Just curious.

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    Kayak was reported by another vessel as being overturned with no POB or in the area. Found the name of the rental company on the side of it. Called them and found out who rented it (family of four). Found out that they were panning on staying at a cabin in Aialik Bay. Forest Service sent some people out and confirmed that they were all safe and sound in the cabin. Case closed.

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    I saw the helo coming back into Seward as I was heading out to bear Glacier.
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