I will travelling in Alaska from 9 august till the 12 september

i already booked some trips
mountain and glaciers

but I have still some time free
from the 16-24 august
and from the 5- 12 september

and now I'm looking for some special tours for filling this time

I was looking for the walrus island (round island) but the last tour ends on 15 august so this is not possible
and I guess for polar bear it is still to early or?

Another possiblity is the Katmai NP with bear watching in the brooks lodge

but in august i guess there are not so many bears or?
maybe I will do this in september

a walk in the valley of the 10000 smokes would be interesting too but I guess it is to dangerous to do it on my own or are there some people I can join?

has anybody other interesting trips tours and tipps?

thanks in advance