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Thread: Goose Tactics

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    Default Goose Tactics

    What is the best tactic for geese? Go with a big spread and do alot of calling? Or make some groups of decoys and try a little calling? I've heard some in between so I don't know.
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    Default me thinks

    that if you are hunting call and decoy shy birds that it is best to mix it up - one day this another day that....there is no reason or rhyme to it...if the birds get used to flying over X setup and they get shot at and peppered - those birds won't fly over the X - so change it up.

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    Try to keep you decoys at least a 100 yds from cover. Geese feel safe in open areas where sentry's have a good view.

    Call long enough to get their attention then slow down the tempo and rely on flagging or motion. I also try to keep 4 feeders to 1 sentry.

    When the weather turns colder try to use sleepers/semi-resters mixed with feeders another 4 to 1 mix.

    I always add a few ducks in the mix too it never hurts.

    No matter what pattern you see your decoys always allow plenty of landing zone for them. Perferably 25-30 yards shooting distance. I often keep to a 30-45 degree angle to avoid being spotted when they are coming in.

    Everyones got there own way of doing things but these seem to work for me.

    Good luck
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    Early season it doesnt really matter because the birds havent been shot at or called at much, I think any ole spread works early. Late season you can really tell what the birds like or dont like (when they flare and dont come back). Base your spread and calling on how the birds react to them.

    my .02

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    Default Our Best Tactic

    Fresh Cut Grain, Lots Of Goose Poop, And Any Were Between 6 To 8 Dozen Goose And Crane Decoys ! Pattern Of Decoys Depends On Lay Of Land And Wind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSTY PUPPY View Post
    Fresh Cut Grain, Lots Of Goose Poop, And Any Were Between 6 To 8 Dozen Goose And Crane Decoys ! Pattern Of Decoys Depends On Lay Of Land And Wind.
    Exactly, the first and foremost tactic of hunting geese is scouting, you have to hunt the "X".
    We don't have goose hunting "late" into the season, our birds are still in family units and are very active most of the day. They are gone by mid Oct at the latest here in Delta.
    Geese just like any other waterfowl is all about location, location, location.


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