Finally bit the bullet yesterday on a new spotting scope. A tent is the last of the gear that I'll need before my October goat hunt in Kodiak. I'm hoping I made a good purchase with this scope. I picked it up at Sportsman's for $600. It is a bit bulky, but fairly light weight, and I like the 25 year no-fault warranty that it comes with. Clarity seems to be great so far, but I need a better tripod as it is a little shakey on the cheapo one I have. My daughter and I were looking through it around 10:30pm last night which was a tad darker than daylight hours, and the clarity was still excellent. We were reading numbers off of the neighbors mailbox's from 1/4 mile or more away with ease.

Has anybody else had some field experience with this scope? How does it hold up in the rain and fog?