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Thread: Anyone floated the Kobuk river

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    Default Anyone floated the Kobuk river

    I am interested in doing a float on the Kobuk from Walker Lake to the village of Kobuk. Has anyone been there. Any insights appreciated.

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    Default The Kobuk

    Some friends and I hunted along the Kobuk during the last two weeks of September in 2005. The river was very high. We hunted (mostly fished) near the Artic Wilderness area. The fishing was great but hunting (for black bear) was poor. Our transporter dropped us off and came back for us so we did not do any floating North of Kobuk. We did float from about 5 miles south of Shugnak down river. The river is very wide and the wind was more trouble than the float was worth when we tried it. If the wind was not an issue, the float you plan would be a lot of fun.

    The Sheefishing was great up North. The pike fishing was great in the dead rivers down South. I plan to go back someday for the fishing. I was not too impressed with the hunting opportunities since you are limited to the waterways. If the rising water had not taken away the salmon, the bear hunting would have been better I am sure. There was plenty of sign that bear had been in the area previously.

    Good luck,

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    Default Rapids near Walker Lake

    There is a significant drop from walker lake near its outlet that is the start of the Kobuk.
    It is a solid class 3 to class 4 drop with some dangerous obstacles.
    It is workable if you are a riverrat but otherwise see if you can get dropped below it.

    Good Luck


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