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Thread: Unit 13 Fall Bears Blacks/grizz #s ?

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    Question Unit 13 Fall Bears Blacks/grizz #s ?

    I was considering doing a black bear hunt in Unit 13 this fall. The impression that I have gotten is that there are more Grizz than Blacks. Does anyone have an idea of the populations of each? Is either species more likely to be on berries or salmon streams? If salmon numbers are down and there are no berries - where would you look or try? Predator calling? Any information or suggestions would be great.

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    greg, i'm going to hunt 13 the last week of aug. from what i hear, the berries are a little behind this year. i guess the streams are alway a good spot if berries are not ripe. i hunted in 16 last year , only seen one grizz that i didn't shoot at. thinking the whole time i should be in 13. well good luck to ya.

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    This info maybe out of date but in the late 80's I flew into Wontana Lake which is on the north/east corner of the Talkeetna Mountains not far south of devils canyon in the Big Su. There were a lot of black bears around. Another group camped on the lake shot one not far from my camp. It wasn't huge but it had a really nice coat. It was berry fed and the meat was better then the Caribou I was later told by the fellow who got it. So if you're planning on flying in that might be an area to look into.

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    13 is a big unit and it really depends on where you plan on hunting. Valdez( Thomson pass) north to Paxton lake area. good for both really Paxton across to Cantwell probably more grizz in the high areas 189 mile on the parks down through Denali STATE park is showing a lot of bear on th road system this year... i have seen 12 blackies cross this summer alone traveling back and forth... but if your concerned about Griz i would stay away from the northern edges... though the Richardson hwy has its own share of them, to the south as does the parks...


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